Frequently Asked Questions in German Language

iembroidery_flag_usa Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions (F.A.Q):

Embroi­dery Company spe­cial­izes in the devel­op­ment of pre­mium qual­ity dig­i­tiz­ing for the com­mer­cial embroi­dery indus­try com­bin­ing the very lat­est in dig­i­tiz­ing tech­nol­ogy with the skill of accom­plished design artists;

High Qual­ity Designs, Smooth Run­ning, VERY Com­pet­i­tive Pric­ing, Fast Turnaround…

Custom Embroi­dery Design Dig­i­tiz­ing with fully licensed soft­ware pro­grams from PULSE & WINgs — stitched-out embroi­dery design sam­ples are pro­duced on Tajima com­put­er­ized embroi­dery machines.

Cus­tomer Focus:

All what we do revolve around the needs, best inter­ests and desires of our cus­tomers pro­vid­ing high qual­ity design works and ser­vices with state-of-the-art technologies.

Mis­sion Statement:

To become the world’s best and most renowned embroi­dery design dig­i­tiz­ing com­pany. Embroidery Company strives to become the first choice for all those who demand QUALITY, in TIME deliv­ery and last but not least UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE.

F.A.Q’s: …your com­pre­hen­sive 16 ques­tions guide!

1) How do I place an order?

You can place your order directly on our web­site using our order & quote (contact) form.

2) How do I request a quotation?

Click on order & quote form and tick the box Quo­ta­tion Request. Quo­ta­tions will be emailed to you within 24 hours FREE of charge; Please Note: all quo­ta­tions are FINAL — how­ever, should your design incor­po­rates lesser stitches as men­tioned in our esti­mate, we will only invoice you on respec­tive newly (lesser) gen­er­ated stitch­count — in such way you’re always in 100% con­trol of your cost (pre-paid account cus­tomers only).

3) Do I need to sub­mit pro­fes­sional artwork?

The qual­ity of your art­work deter­mine the qual­ity of the embroi­dery design. When­ever pos­si­ble, we would appre­ci­ate some rel­a­tively clear art­work image of at least 200–300 dpi resolution.

4) Which type of art­work for­mats should I submit?

You can send your art­work in almost any pop­u­lar pic­ture for­mat such as: .jpg, .tif, .gif, .bmp, .png, .psf, etc. Art­work files in .jpg for­mat would prob­a­bly be the best due to its very small size in terms of kb.

5) Do you accept vec­tor for­mat­ted artwork?

Yes, we do accept vec­tor for­mat­ted art­work such as .cdr, .ai, .eps, etc. If you send us your art­work files in Corel Draw or Adobe Illus­tra­tor. Please make sure to con­vert those art­work files from text to curves — oth­er­wise we may not be able to open those files with the same font you have saved them.

6) What are the most impor­tant infor­ma­tion that I need to send along with my artwork?

Most impor­tant would be: a) size (lenght or height in mm, cm or inch). b) mate­r­ial to embroi­der onto e.g Polo’s, Caps, T-Shirts, etc. c) No. of colours. d) deliv­ery time: please spec­ify nor­mal (2–3 days) or express deliv­ery (within 28 hours, plus 40% of our nor­mal design charge will apply).

7) What embroi­dery machine for­mats can you provide?

We do pro­vide all pop­u­lar for­mats such as: .dst, .dsb, .dsz, .ksm, .swf, happy, toy­ota, etc.

8) How do you ensure the qual­ity of the embroidery?

We stitch and inspect each dig­i­tized design in order to ensure its qual­ity. A dig­i­tal scan of the actual embroi­dery is pro­vided along with each order for our cus­tomers’ easy reference.

9) Can I use my fin­ished embroi­dery design on mate­ri­als other than pre­vi­ously specified?

We dig­i­tize your design in con­sid­er­a­tion of the mate­r­ial type you have men­tioned in your order. If the design needs to be embroi­dered on a mul­ti­tude of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als, some edit­ing for those other mate­r­ial types may need to be done in order to achieve best stitch­ing results.

10) How much do you charge for dig­i­tiz­ing & editing?

Please refer to our pricelist for details. Cus­tomers can make respec­tive pay­ments via: Nor­mal T.T. Bank Trans­fer, Pay­pal or by major Credit Card (in US$ cur­rency, Visa and Mas­ter­card only).

11) How do I receive my fin­ished dig­i­tized embroi­dery design?

Your fin­ished dig­i­tized embroi­dery design will be dis­patched in requested machine for­mat as an email attach­ment together with valu­able addi­tional information.

12) Will you keep cus­tomer design back-up files?

Yes, we do keep cus­tomer design back-up files for some ini­tial 4 weeks period.

13) Do you sell cus­tomer designs to third parties?

Absolutely NOT, we would never sell ordered cus­tomer designs to some third party.

14) What is the mean­ing of the expres­sion digitizing?

Dig­i­tiz­ing a design is the art of trans­lat­ing a pic­ture into some kind of thread-shape. The process involves spe­cial soft­ware that the dig­i­tizer uses to cre­ate com­mands which are then read and stitched by com­put­er­ized embroi­dery machines. The final qual­ity of any embroi­dery design is greatly depen­dent on the designer’s skill to pro­gram men­tioned machine commands.

15) What is a dig­i­tizer or puncher and what does he or she do?

A dig­i­tizer or com­monly known a puncher is a highly skilled embroi­dery design pro­gram­mer which cre­ates the dig­i­tal input for com­put­er­ized embroi­dery machines to inter­pret and run flawleesly.

16) How do I con­tact you?

Please click here Link to Embroi­dery Company Con­tact Form